Back to school baons and school supplies your kids will love

After a few months of fun family bonding, it’s now time to prepare the kids to go back to school.

To help you prepare, Metro Stores and Metro Supermarkets have put together amazing deals!

Baons with love

Don’t let your kids go hungry in school. Show them how much you care with these fun snacks from Metro Supermarkets.

Sweet snacks

Moms can treat their kids to fun baons! The chocolatey goodness of Oreos makes for a wonderful treat for recess. Its cream center makes this comforting snack even more exciting! There is also Choco Banana Pocky, a delightful sweet treat that will surely energize kids after recess! Covered in banana-flavored chocolate, it’s also the perfect snack for sharing with classmates.

For those who want a more savory snack, there’s Sweet Corn Pretz! Also excellent for sharing, these thinand easy to bite pretzels are lightly seasoned with a light sweet corn flavoring. A combination of sour, sweet, and salty, Moniegold tamarind candies are fun to share with classmates. This distinct and tangy flavor will surely be complement a packed lunch or a savory snack.

Filling sandwiches

Kids who prefer more filling snacks can have variety of sandwiches! Thankfully, at Metro Supermarkets, moms can choose from an array of Suisse Cottage breads that go well with almost any filling.

Moms can also purchase Cheez Whiz, Magnolia Cheeze, CDO Karne Norte Classic, Lady’s Choice Mayonaisse, Purefoods Corned beef, and Century Tuna to go with freshly baked bread! There are so many options that would keep baons from being monotonous! 

Thirst-quenching drinks

No baon would be complete without drinks! Moms can pre-mix and chill Milo, Bear Brand, or Nido, so their kids will have fun drinks in school. They may also select Chuckie or Zesto to match whatever other baons or meals their kids have for the day.

Cool school supplies

Another thing that makes going back to school more exciting or kids is having a new set of school supplies. Thankfully, the Metro Store has got you covered! With its extensive selection of shoes, bags, and coloring and writing materials, you’ll have no trouble finding what your kids need.

 Black shoes

 Metro Stores carry comfy school shoes for girls for only Php 499. They also come in a variety of designs to choose from. Shoes for boys are affordable as well and also cost Php 499!

  Uniforms  Moms can also shop for school uniforms at Metro Stores! Sets for girls are priced at Php 500. For boys, sets can be bought for Php 800.


Never underestimate the power of a cool bag! Aside from carrying school things, having a nice bag serves as an outlet for the kids to express themselves.

Boys can have the sporty yet sleek, Sena bags that come in navy, black, and gray. Fashion forward kids can also choose from Blue Camp bags that are priced Php499.

Younger kids can also choose from many colorful stroller bags! Love and Peace trolley bags are priced at Php 999.75. There are also heavy duty Forthpack bags that come with a lunchbox and pencil case for only Php 2,499.75!


School supplies 

Shopping has never been easier for moms. The Metro Store has a complete selection of school supplies!

Crayola crayons, Amspec pencils, Dong-A markers, Pilot ballpens and markers, Sharpie art pens, and Mongol pencils. There are also all kinds of pad papers available, plus colorful cartolinas.

Smart moms can also avail of bundles! A Crayola school bundle, which includes washable crayons, glue, a plastic envelope, 4 notebooks, scissors, an eraser, a ruler, and art paper is only Php 159. A student kit priced at Php 99 comes with white glue, 8 pack crayons, a ruler, a sharpener, scissors, and a plastic envelope.

Sepanx is very real—but you can make returning to school something your kids can look to look forward to. The amazing back to school deals will be available from May 24 to June 2, 2019, so drop by Metro Supermarkets and the Metro Stores—your one stop shopping destination --- to make sure that the kids will have everything they need!

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