Practicing courtesy and good manners in virtual world
In this new normal world of virtual schooling, there should be no trashing away of the civilized behavior our parents taught. Pass this on to your children.

Dinnertime is made more meaningful and enjoyable when children are encouraged to dialogue with their parents on the ABC’s of life and home. Digital devices can certainly wait till after dinner.

The standards of grammar like spelling and other language usages must not be swept under the rug by the NEW NORMAL
Mastering the language of communication (e.g. English or Pilipino) is never too early for your children. Murdering their grammar via digital devices makes them unprepared for the world beyond their cellphones.

Conventional manners still apply; teach your children never to say anything online they wouldn’t say in person
Tell your kids to be mindful of their tone in addressing others, as they would in a face-to-face situation. Good manners are never out of place anytime, anywhere.

Make your kids keep clean digital footprint
There are carbon footprints as there are must digital footprints. Children must be made aware that they need to be prudent in the use of their devices so as not to add the abuse of the environment.

Remind your kids to represent themselves well at all times
Rudeness, profanity and sarcasm written in big bold letters are no-nos. Netiquette means the constant observance of politeness and the respect of the privacy of others.

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